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Material Converting

Advanced Industrial Solutions has the knowledge, experience and facilities to handle all of your material conversion needs. Our Augusta, Maine facility contains state-of-the-art die cutting and slitting equipment, including:

• Rotary Die            

• Clicker Die

• PRECO                



Our world-class quality control program is designed to track down and eliminate quality issues before they happen. This allows us to meet specifications, tolerances and lead times — guaranteed!



• Narrow Webs 1.01 “ tolerance

• Roll widths up to 90” and diameters up to 38”

• Multiple cutting methods to suit every projects need

• Core diameters 1 - 3”      


Specializing in Converting:

• SAE Wool felts            

• Synthetic felts

• Wicking                 

• Non-Wovens

• Wovens                

• Rubber            

• Foam                

• Plastics

• Adhesive Backed felts (we can also apply custom adhesives) • Nomex, Kevlar, Poly-propylene, Pre-ox, etc.